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Norman Kent is available for individual as well as group workshops.  For more information, please contact Norman Kent at [email protected].  Bellow are general details for the NKP Workshops

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Details For Workshops:

Norman Kent shares his 40 years of knowledge and experience in photography and video in the form of workshops for all experience levels.

NKP interactive workshops are designed with two objectives. The first objective is to have Norman Kent as your personal coach. He will address your specific needs and questions. The second goal is to compare and exchange information with other photographers. Each fellow photographer is equipped with individual skills and ideas, all interested in experimenting and learning from one another. There will be a wealth of knowledge available to you for the duration of the workshop.

Each workshop has unique format. Some are classroom only workshops as these are perfect for the non-jumping season or when bad weather inhibits jumping. Practical session workshops are designed for times when you will be in action shooting during an event or planned excursion. Combined session workshops are a mix of classroom and practical sessions which is ideal when there is opportunity to incorporate both experiences. The style of workshop is determined by a number of variables including time of year, venue, geographic location, etc. Please look at the details of each specific workshop before registering.

The Classroom Session Workshops

Think of the classroom as a place for technical support, exchange of information, and as a bank of ideas to reference and take home with you. Classroom sessions are designed to teach the theory and techniques of photography. Classroom sessions also incorporate sharing of ideas and material between photographers, and receiving constructive critique to improve your skills.

The Practical Session Workshops 

The primary emphasis for this workshop is time spent shooting in the field. Instruction for technique is directly implemented and feedback provided on-the-spot. You will receive the benefit of practical application in multiple facets of shooting, directly and immediately incorporating techniques from your experience.

Combined Session Workshops 

Both practical and classroom sessions combined make a complete unit. You will receive guidance to plan your shooting day and to execute that plan efficiently. This structure maximizes the opportunity of learning multiple level photography techniques and the direct product from integrating that instruction into your shots.

Additional Benefit

When working side by side with other photographers, you will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and network, adding colleague resources for future experimentation. Many photographers find it helpful to take turns shooting each other in freefall. Imagine what you can learn from observing yourself. Norman will help debrief your jump, providing additional input and analysis. Combining direct observation of yourself and the instructional recommendation will maximize your learning opportunity.

Questions & Answers

Is there a space limit for the workshop?
Yes. 20 participants maximum.

What is the skill level for the workshops? 
All skill levels are welcome. Due to the format of the workshops, all levels of photography can participate at the same time. We find that the topics of discussion are relevant to every photographer. Additionally with the workshop’s intimate atmosphere, every level photographer can contribute and receive contribution during these sessions.

Can a person not qualified to jump at a large boogie attend? 
Yes, you may attend the workshop even if you do not meet the requirements for jumping at a boogie. All photographers are welcome. Participants who are not qualified to jump will be restricted to shooting on the ground. The skills learned may be universally applied and used as preparation for participation in larger boogies when you are qualified.

Can non-jumpers attend the workshop? 
Yes, you may attend even if you are a non-jumper, however you would be restricted to shooting on the ground. You will learn the same skills as the skydiving participants. The material can be used as preparation for whenever you are qualified to jump camera or simply to better your shooting skills.

Why at a boogie?
We choose large boogies as an environment for workshops because there is a wealth of material to shoot in the air and on the ground. There are a variety of loads to follow, action through altitude, and developments on the ground.

What if there is no boogie during a scheduled workshop?
“Practical Session Workshops” and “Combined Session Workshops” (see above for description) are awesome at any drop zone even during regular jumping activity. At most DZ’s there is plenty to shoot in addition to what we can generate as a group amongst the participants. In addition to this, when ever we feel slowed down by lack of activity or weather, the workshop format naturally transitions in to “Classroom Session”. We adapt to the specific conditions to maximize the learning.

How do I get on loads? 
It is you own responsibility to pay, get invited and manifest yourself on loads. We will not have organized loads particularly for you to shoot. We choose large boogies as the environment for the workshops because of the accessibility and large number of load availability. How to get on loads is one of the skills Norman will be teaching, and some people may spend a good part of their workshop mastering that area or skill.

Can I learn how to get published during this workshop?
Yes, all questions are valid. You will not only learn from Norman’s experiences, but you will also have an opportunity to ask others about their experiences and techniques for getting published.

What happens if we have bad weather?
The workshop runs rain or shine. There is plenty to learn in the classroom. If the weather prevents us from jumping, we will spend a little more time in the classroom (about 2-3 additional hours per day) looking at and analyzing existing material from Norman’s archives as well as yours. Please be sure to bring samples of your work!

On multiple day workshops, do all of the days cover the same material? 
No. The workshop format is interaction-oriented and collaborative. It is adaptable. Individual Q & A structured learning is complimented by the group setting. Each subject covered offers instruction and alternative perspective for all skill levels. Norman feels that refreshed exposure to knowledge will provide opportunity for continued progress. He recommends that students take all available sessions to maximize the workshop benefit.

Is the workshop about stills, video or both? 
The workshops will cover both stills and video as it is customized to your individual needs. I am committed to having each student get the most out of these workshops. I am a stand for creativity, inspiration, fun, motivation and courage. I am also an unlimited wealth of technical knowledge, which I intend to pass on to everyone enrolled in these workshops. With that said, yes, the longer you are around this atmosphere the more you will get out of it.

Norman A Kent

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