Norman Kent Productions

Can Take Any Of Your Production Dreams From Concept To Completion


Norman Kent Productions has been the leader in aerial cinematography and photography for the past 40 years, providing exciting images for feature films, television, commercials, sports events and printed media. Norman Kent Productions is a “turn key” operation providing its clients with all services necessary to take any project from concept to completion.

When you hire Norman Kent Productions you do not only hire Norman Kent, an award winning Director of Photography with over 35 years of experience, but you get the wealth of experience of his production crew. Norman Kent Productions and crew have been responsible for the most famous aerial sequences appearing in Hollywood productions such as "Kingsman - The Secret Service", "Godzilla", "Get Smart", “Cutaway”, “Drop Zone”, ”Point Break”, “Eraser” and many others. The 1994 Winter and 1988 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies and the first successful expedition to parachute on to the North Pole in are other example of our company’s many achievements. (See photos of Norman Kent at work)

Norman Kent Productions gives you the best in skydiving, base-jumping and any other kind of aerial footage you can imagine. We feel equally at ease shooting with a helmet camera, from a helicopter or airplane, and 1st and 2nd unit ground sequences to ensure the continuity of your production.

Our superior equipment includes RED Dragon with Helium 8K sensor and can handle any existing equipment. We also can fulfill all your video needs including live air-to-ground transmission. Our still photographic equipment includes a full line of the latest DSLR cameras.

Our extensive selection of camera mounts includes helmet, chest, aircraft wing and fuselage mounts, and we have years of experience operating and/or directing Tyler, Westcam, and Spacecam helicopter systems. This array of mounts ensures that you will get the unique angles you desire.

Norman Kent Productions has the only 35mm and RED (R3D) stock footage skydiving library in the world. Our stock library has been accumulated throughout 30 years of shooting.

Norman Kent Productions makes it easy for its clients; we can coordinate your entire project by:

  • Finding the perfect talent and stunt people.
  • Providing all skydiving equipment and parachute rigging, including hidden parachute systems.
  • Hiring specially trained pilots and providing every type of aircraft from hang-gliders to 727 jets.
  • Fulfilling all your stunt coordination needs.
  • Fulfilling all of your post production services in any format.
  • Applying our experience in green screen filming and all types of lighting.
  • Coordinatating the perfect location for your production including insurance and FAA permits.
  • FAA Movie manual
  • Providing all your catering needs.
  • And providing anything additional required for your production to be a success!



















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