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The Challenge for Norman Kent Productions is
to go through the window called impossible!



Norman Kent Productions has created some of the most captivating, enrapturing and heart stopping motion picture scenes in history for Artisian Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, Columbia Pictures, Orion and Tri-Star Pictures. Norman Kent Productions is not only limited to film work for feature films, commercials and television , but is equally active in bringing back amazing still photo images that have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Guiness Book of World Records, and LA Times Magazine to name but a few. The German publishing company Blue Sky Editions has published a book on the work of Norman Kent including the history of his photography and cinematography. Norman Kent Productions also has a long list of in-house productions and has recently finished “Willing to Fly”, which won two Telly Awards in 2000. Norman Kent Productions, as a member of the Golden Parashoot Entertainment team, completed their first feature film, “Cutaway” starring Tom Beringer, Stephen Baldwin and Dennis Rodman. As the Director of Photography of the aerial unit, Norman’s footage accounted for more than half (66 minutes) of the film.

Norman Kent has been a director of photography and photographer for over 32 years. His genius is expressed in all mediums – be it underwater, on ground or flying through the sky. His ability to capture such utterly unique dimensions of intensity, beauty and mood has earned him premier world class appeal. It is upon these principles of excellence that Norman established Norman Kent Productions. Norman Kent Productions is sought out by film and print industries worldwide, its work knows no bounds! One of Norman Kent Production’s favorite commercial film project was in conjunction with “Speed” director Jan De Bont and Digital Domain (the company responsible for the computer graphics for “Titanic”), filming a blockbuster commercial for Coca-Cola. Keep your eyes open for this commercial, it is sure to be a classic!

UPDATE: The Coca-Cola “Skydivers” television spot was awarded the Gold Award at the New York Festivals’ 41st Annual Television Advertising Award ceremonies”

"It is a pleasure working with a professional like Norman. He goes to the sky and gets precisely what I am looking for, plus more. I do not know how he does it!"

Jan De Bont


"To create the unique special effects for the Coca-Cola commercial, Digital Domain needed to start with great organic elements. That is precisely what Norman kent Productions provided us with. Director Jan De Bont, Visual Effects Supervisor Ray Giarratana and Norman collaborated to choreograph  and execute some of the most amazing footage I have ever seen. I look forward to having the opportunity  to work with Norman and his crew again because, in my mind, they are the best!"

Todd Isroelit
Senior Producer-Digital Domain























Photos of Norman Kent



Tom Berenger during the 
shooting of “Cutaway”


Photos of Norman Kent Photos of Norman Kent

Norman Kent filming over 
Flagler Beach, Florida


"Coca Cola"

Norman Kent and director 
Jan De Bont discuss the
storyboard during 

the Coca-Cola shoot