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This gallery is made of screenshots of the pages of the Wingsuit Record 2012 book. The first two images are the back and front covers and the rest are the 2 page spreads in the order they appear in the book.
This is not a regular book, there is no text in it, this is a photo essay. The pages are printed on real photographic paper using a professional lab then those prints are bound to make the book, this results in very high quality images on thick pages made from photographic paper. It's like purchasing real prints and crating a book. There are a total of 79 images selected from all event photographers.

The book will be available in 3 sizes - 8x8" $175, 10x10" $210 and 12x12" $265 plus shipping depending on destination. Remember, this is made from real prints bound to form the book so if you think of ordering 79 prints in various sizes, figure out what that cost would be, this is a real bargain for 79 prints in a book!
To place an order or with questions, please contact me via email [email protected] or by phone 386-446-0505.
Please note, the books are custom made after you order, each order takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.