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.Welcome to the "Synergy Witches Boogie" event gallery at Skydive Cuautla in Mexico.

Skydivers from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, United States, Canada and Mexico came to participate in this event. After an emotional day honoring Antonio Montaño
, the weekend continued with the "Synergy Witches Boogie", a unique picturesque event with a theme of celebrating the dead which is a national tradition in Mexico called "Dia De Los Muertos" . International events organizers included: Alex Klöckner, Ana Aponte, Alethia Austin, Fernando Gallegos, Marcos Darman, with special guests: Kate Cooper-Jensen and Carsten Cooper-Jensen with the main focus being "fun".

Evening festivities included dancing and ceremonies to honor the dead and living (very typical of Mexico).

The facilities, staff and atmosphere at Skydive Cuautla made this the perfect place to have this event. The atmosphere was one of fun!
Thanks to all participants, organizers, and staff for such an amazing skydiving event!

This gallery is of all images I selected from what I shot in the course of the event. Enjoy browsing and re-living the awesome flights!

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