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Welcome to the Next Generation XP Flight Camp 10-2015 at Skydive Paraclete XP. World renowned coaches from Paraclete XP led an amazing camp helping all participants sharpen their skills in human flight. The skill level of these flight camps keeps increasing in an incredible way.
Thanks to all coaches and Thank you Skydive Paraclete XP!

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NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5540NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5559NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5565NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5580NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5596NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5634NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5641NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5657NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5689NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5729NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5754NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5782NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5785NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5791NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5801NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5804NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5823NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5827NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5842NKP-Generation XP 10-2015-837A5876