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Welcome to the image gallery for the "New Years Beach Boogie 2024" at Skydive Puerto Escondido DZ located in Playa Zicatela, Oaxaca, Mexico. Powered by Skydive Cuautla

World renowned organizers were present at this exotic location to assist the 126 skydivers that attended this "Super Fun" event from many countries including: Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France, Spain, Deutchland, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, El Salvador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Chile and Poland.

Load Organizers promoted fun jumps in different disciplines including belly formations, VFS formations, Movement, Angle, Wingsuit. according to participants jump level.
The spirit of the Boogie was to gather experienced skydivers ( C &D licensed) to have fun and begin the new year doing what we love the most while enjoying the amazing beach and aerial views of Playa Zicatela, Mexico.

Aircraft were a Twin Otter and a Grand Caravan flown by Julio Cesar Alvarez and Sergio Lopez making a total 1396 jumps.

Load organizers and special guests included Remi Angéli, Jesse Hall, Lamberto Micangeli, Fernando Gallegos, Ana Aponte, Benoît Lemay and director of photography Norman Kent.

The atmosphere was one of high end fun and smiles all the way. All of this along with the awesome aerial views, fun town atmosphere and awesome DZ facilities made this one of the Best Boogies ever!

Thank you Skydive Puerto Escondido, thank you Skydive Cuautla, and thanks to all the staff, organizers and boogie participants!

This gallery contains all images I selected from what I shot in the course of the event. Enjoy browsing and re-living the awesome flights!

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