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Welcome to the Fly4Life Flight Camp 03-2015. World renowned coached led an amazing camp helping all participants learn from their skills in skydiving and human flight. The high level of skydiving performed in this camp is incredible.
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NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1342NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1351NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1355NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1409NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1415NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1418NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1423NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1430NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1435NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1446NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1461NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1481NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1486NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1496NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1507NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1511NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1512NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1515NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1543NKP-Fly4Life FlightCamp 03-2015-837A1545