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Welcome to the "Big Wayze 2015 Spaceland" Gallery.

The best skydivers from many places worldwide came to fly their bodies doing sequential formations only possible because of the high skill level of jumpers invited to this skydiving event. I love how high the skill level has risen over the years and love jumping with all of them to capture how beautiful they are as they perform in the sky. I thank all the participants for allowing me the honor to fly with you and film you.

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NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5683NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5696NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5703NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5706NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5709NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5716NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5722NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5736NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5737NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5739NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5741NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5744NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5747NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5751NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5760NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5764NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5769NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5796NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5798NKP-2015 Big Wayze-5810