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Welcome to the "60 Cycles" at GoJump Oceanside project gallery . This is a ver special personal project for me which was filled with magical times for all who attended. This selection of images is a representation of what we captured on November 12th 2016 at GoJump Oceanside in Oceanside, California with its spectacular aerial views of the Southern California pacific coast. Thanks to GoJump Oceanside, Mike Vetter, all model participants, volunteer staff, guests, organizers, and GoJump Oceanside staff for such a great event!. I can not thank you enough!

Part of the plan with the material gathered in this project is to create a book and a small documentary to share this wonderful event. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the release of these productions.

This gallery contains all images I selected from what was shot in the course of the event. Enjoy browsing and re-living the awesome day!

If you wish to share please use the "share" button. Please do NOT copy screen to take photos as this would be stealing.

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001-NKP-60 Cycles-by Mikey Paterson-08104002-60cycles-TYPE003-NKP-60 Cyclesw by Norman Kent-0803004-NKP-60 Cycles-by Craig O'Brien-13295005-NKP-60 Cycles-by Craig O'Brien-13298006-NKP-60 Cycles-by Travis Kent-07711007-NKP-60 Cycles-by Carrie Fields-08796008-NKP-60 Cycles by George Katsoulis-19009-NKP-60 Cycles-by Terry Weatherford-3078010-NKP-60 Cycles-by Terry Weatherford-3080011-NKP-60 Cycles by George Katsoulis-33012-NKP-60 Cycles-by Peter Schafer-1751013-NKP-60 Cycles-by Carrie Fields-08868014-NKP-60 Cycles-by Terry Weatherford-3101015-NKP-60 Cycles-by Peter Schafer-1809016-NKP-60 Cycles-by Peter Schafer-1820017-NKP-60 Cycles-by Norman Kent-01126018-NKP-60 Cycles-by Norman Kent-01140019-NKP-60 Cycles-by Norman Kent-01144020-NKP-60 Cycles-by Norman Kent-01166