Norman Kent Productions | 25 Way Canopy Diamond - Aerodyne Triathlon Canopies
Welcome to the image galleries for the "25 Way CF Diamond" built with all Aerodyne Triathlon canopies at Skydive Sebastian. A talented group of canopy pilots got together to test Aerodyne Triathlon canopies in formation. What a chow and what a bunch of talented people! 3 jumps-3 Diamonds!

Thank you Aerodyne and thanks to all participating!

This gallery is divided in two sub galleries. The "Main Gallery" contains all images I selected from what I shot during the event and the "Norman's Favorites" contains my favorites from this event. Please note: All images in "Norman's Favorites" gallery are also inside the "Main Gallery". Enjoy browsing and re-living the awesome times!

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25 Way Canopy Diamond - Main Gallery25 Way Canopy Diamond - Norman's Favorites